Personal Training should be just that, it should be personal to you. I truly believe that personal training is the most abused and underutilised form of training out there. Having somebody stand beside you while you carry out exercises is not what personal training should be about, that’s just training supervision. Personal training should be tailored to you, to your physical attributes, your physical limitations, your time limitations and ultimately your desired goal.

People are different, they have different goals. The Olympic athlete’s that I train have an entirely different set of requirements than the new mothers that I train. This simple comparison highlights why I believe that the day of the “hourly rate” for personal trainers should be, and will be, a thing of the past. It’s not about the hour that your trainer spends with you. It’s about the time your trainer has spent planning your session, considering your goals and calculating how you’ll get there together. If your trainer quotes you an hourly rate without asking you what you want to achieve then walk away. Walk this way. I don’t offer hourly rates, they don’t make sense. I conduct a detailed analysis of your needs and your current physical capabilities. I will then prepare a detailed training and lifestyle plan and a timescale for your goals to be achieved. We will then agree a fee for the entire service.

This works. It works for me, and it will work for you. It enables me to cater for all different types of clients. Olympic athletes who need detailed training plans, celebrity clients who require on call service as well as the absolute beginner who wants the absolute best service available.

This is the future. It is your future. Don’t waste a second of it. Let’s face it together.

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