If you do not know what Barry’s Bootcamp is then don’t dare leave this page until you’ve read the whole thing. Since 1998, Barry’s Bootcamp has revolutionized group fitness by delivering “The Best Workout in the World” to a legendary following, including many celebrities. Offering as many as 12 classes, 365 days a year, Barry’s Bootcamp combines treadmill based cardio work with strength training in every class. It is the affordable, effective and fun solution to fitness in the 21st Century. We turn the red lights down low and the music up as high as we can to create a workout atmosphere that really is unlike anything else you will have experienced. Kim Kardashian, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal all have one thing in common, Barry’s is part of their training schedule.

Think you’re pretty hardcore, try my signature Psycho Sunday class at 08.45 or 10.00 on Sunday morning, see what burning 1,000 calories in an hour feels like!!

Teaching Schedule

Mon       12.30                             Arms & Abs
Tue        06.00, 7.10, 12.30         Butt & Legs
Wed       06.00, 7.10, 12.30         Chest, Back & Abs
Thu        12.30                             HardCore Abs
Fri           12.30                            Full Body
Sun         08.45, 10.00                 Full Body