None of us are the same. We all have different goals. We all need different things to happen to achieve those goals. I see this every day with my clients. I work with Olympic champions, International celebrities, stay at home moms, 9-5 office workers. Thay all have different goals, they all have different constraints and requirements. The days of generic training training programmes are dead, those that still exist should be put out of their misery. YOU are YOU! Yes you may be the same age as somebody else, you may be the same height and weight but YOU deserve a training programme that is designed for, and unique to, YOU! That is exactly what YOU can expect when training with me.

Maybe you like a group fitness setting. Great!! I’ll see you at Barry’s Bootcamp for the “Best Workout In The World”.

Maybe you need more personal attention, then let’s get a personal training programme set up for you. There will be no hourly rates. They don’t make sense any more. They never did. I offer bespoke packages, tailored to your needs and your ultimate goal.

Maybe you’re pretty happy with your general health and wellness and you want to meet like minded folk. BRILLIANT!! We’ll see you at Run Club with Lululemon Athletica every Wednesday night.

Everyone deserves the best training advice they can get. YOU deserve the best training advice you can get. It’s out there, in fact you’ve just found it, it’s right HERE. Check out how and where you can train with me and DO IT!!