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It is ALL about food. I know you eat pizza, you know I eat pizza. There’s no point in denying it. For most of us that’s okay from time to time. If it’s a regular thing then we have a problem. Trust me, if your diet sucks there really is no amount of exercise that will compensate for it. It’s like clearing the water from a sinking ship with a bucket.

Maybe you think you’re one of the lucky ones. Maybe you eat what you want and it hasn’t caught up with you yet. It will. You may think you’re winning the race, but life is a marathon my friend, not a sprint. Fat will win out every time.

The good news is that it really is easier than ever to eat good food. Not just good food, but food that tastes good. Keep an eye on the blog and search for “The Kitchen” category for food recipes that are easy to cook and don’t taste like cardboard. Enough talk. Where is the food? well here is your first recipe

Chicken, Bacon Stuffed Avocado

This makes me want to harness the spirit of Julie Andrews and declare “Chicken and Bacon and Onion and Avocado, these are a few of my favorite things”. I won’t, because a) the words don’t rhyme and b) I’m a reasonably awful singer. Instead I’ll just tell you how to make this taste sensation. Click below, download the file and take it with you next time you go shopping. Enjoy!

Chicken & Bacon Stuffed Avocado Shopping List & Instructions


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