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Want to go on holidays? Who doesn’t!

Want to eat natural, local healthy food to fuel the exercise and activities you’ll do while you’re there??

Hello…..are you still there??

If you are I have just the thing for you!!


Wellness Vacations are somewhat of an unknown quantity on these shores. Most people try to get in the best shape they can  for vacation time and then throw it all away in an indulgent 2 week window. Something doesn’t make sense. Why not go on amazing vacations to some of the most stunning locations on the planet and come back healthier and happier than when you want.

That’s exactly what I can offer through The Fitness Travel Company.

You’re experience will begin with a personal consultation to define your goals. You will then have the option of personal training sessions prior to departure to ensure you are fully prepared to maximise your experience


When you arrive you will eat and drink local, healthy produce, be invigorated by your surroundings and feel deeply refreshed, free from the strains and pressures of your normal routine back home.


You will then return to your life with renewed energy and a fresh outlook. A minimum of three further training sessions will be arranged during the week of your return. We can then focus on improving any of the techniques learned while you’ve been away.


This is guaranteed to be a life-changing experience.

The world is literally your oyster, if you don’t see a trip that suits what you want then tell me what you do want and we’ll see if we can make it happen!!

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