My career started on the corporate ladder. I spent 5 years working as an Investment Manager, managing a multi-billion Pound portfolio. I spent endless hours spent huddled over my laptop crunching numbers until I became the youngest Investment Manager in the company. I sacrificed a lot to do that, at times I even sacrificed my health and wellness. I understand that its difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle given the pressures of everyday life for a working professional. It IS difficult, it is NOT impossible.  I offer a number of services to corporate clients to counteract the office slump that is so prevalent in today’s workforce.


On-Site Fitness Services

Whether you have an on-site gym facility or  a spare boardroom there is an infinite amount of options available to get your workforce sweating. I can offer group fitness classes as well as personal training for individuals before you clock in, on your lunch break, or after you clock out for the evening.


Health & Wellness Services

You may not have anywhere to work out in your workplace. Not to worry, that won’t stop you from living a healthy office life. Healthy living is not just about working out. It’s about health, it’s about diet, it’s about overall wellness. Below are just some of the ways in which you can help your staff live healthier, happier and ultimately more productive lives;


Motivational Workshops

During my career I have been fortunate to work with some incredibly driven athletes. I currently work with the Elite Performance Unit to prepare athletes for European Championship Competitions and the Olympic Games. The similarities between my work with elite athletes and my time spent with high level corporate managers are obvious to me. Most of the methods used by top athletes to prepare for competition can be directly applied to the corporate world. If you want to bring out an Olympic style mentality and focus in your workforce then get in touch and lets design a workshop to bring out the inner champion in your staff.