You may already know that, but there are lots of other things you should know. My background in the fitness world is a little unconventional. I started my career as you’re typical 9-5 office worker, I lived a double life, working as an Investment Manager by day and coaching soccer and athletics by night. Eventually I realised the happiest part of my day was teaching exercise classes at lunchtime in my office gym, so I decided to choose happiness over the corporate ladder and I haven’t looked back since.

Sport has always played a huge role in my life. The dream was to be a professional sportsman, soccer player or track runner, I wasn’t fussy, but I failed at both,ouch. Coaching seemed like a logical alternative. I’ve done some pretty cool things in a coaching capacity and I currently work in a sports conditioning role with the Elite Performance Boxing Unit preparing athletes for the 2016 Olympics. I am a qualified athletics coach and specialise in coaching track runners ranging from 400m to 1,500m distances. My training philosophy has been heavily influenced by coaches I have trained under and worked with and I’m a big believer that change, whether that be weight loss or muscle gain, is merely a by-product of performance.

THINGS YOU MAY KNOW ALREADY I am a qualified Exercise and Health professional and a Level 4 certified Personal Trainer. That means i know my stuff. I began my personal training career in my hometown of Dublin until a serendipitous meeting with THE Barry of Barry’s Bootcamp led me to Los Angeles. What has happened since then has been pretty incredible. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the highest profile trainers in the world from Los Angeles, New York, Miami and now London. I’ve worked, and continue to work, with some incredible celebrity clients (YES you would know who they are, NO I will not name drop). I’ve also been lucky enough to with world renowned fitness professionals from the international TV hit “The Biggest Loser”. On a daily basis I get to work with the best clients in the world at Barry’s Bootcamp London. Amongst the many cool things that have happened me since I moved to London is becoming a Lululemon Athletica ambassador. This has opened me up not only to the best workout clothing in the world but also to the world of yoga. There will be more on the yoga subject soon so keep checking back.

NO I’m not ‘just’ a trainer! I’m also an educator working with corporate clients offering Health & Wellness modules as part of various professional development programs. These modules range from practical exercise modules to general wellness modules dealing with stress relief to mental preparation and development modules which highlight the mental preparation techniques used in preparing elite athletes for competition and their practical application in the corporate world. If you’re at your desk right now and you’re interested the check out the “Corporate” page.

One of my loves is travel, I love new places, I love new people and I love bringing new people to new places. So it kind of made sense to combine my love of travel, people and fitness. So I did. I work with The Fitness Travel Company delivering Health and Wellness vacations in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. So if you want to go on vacation and come back fitter, healthier and happier than when you left the check out the destinations currently available and get in touch.

Nobody believes this,but it’s true, I was a fat kid. Trust me I was. I got teased endlessly for being the chubby kid, but I was a fast chubby kid and I fought back through athletic performance. I quickly discovered that the skinny kids didn’t like being beaten by the fat kid! So I get it. I’ve been there. I know exactly what it’s like to hate how you look. To feel like you’re the ugly duckling. To not know how to change things. To doubt that you’ll ever look like you want to or perform like you want to. But I know how you can change things. I know how you can change your behaviour and change your life, how you can change your mentality and change your life. Trust me, I got this, let me help.
I also have a life outside of the gym (who knew). I grew up in Dublin, Ireland with three sisters. I have three nephews, who of course are the coolest kids on the planet. I think my family think I’m crazy. I’m “an animal person”, doesn’t matter what kind . I don’t speak about myself in the third person. EVER. I love to travel and experience new places. I love food, I really love food and I have a sweet tooth. I’m pretty sure I have a peanut butter addiction. I’m a pretty talented bungee trampolinist. I’m a terrible dancer. I’m an even worse singer. I love to write, but i don’t do enough of it. I love music, nothing beats an epic live gig. I’m incredibly loyal. I’m terrible at texting back. I’m a pretty good cook (by that I mean I haven’t killed anybody yet). I have 4 cities that I call home. Green is my favourite color. I have a temper, it doesn’t show very often, just don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. I’m incredibly ambitious. I love competition. I’m fascinated by human behaviour and interaction. I would secretly love a tattoo. I’m not so secretly terrified of getting one. I have days when I hate working out (sssssshhhhhh don’t tell anyone)